Task: time_machine3.jpgWe have been asked by the government to enter a time machine. This is a top secret assignment. They want us to go back to some ancient civilization and gather information about inventions of that time. We will need to know a lot about the invention because we will have to reproduce it and present it to government officials upon our return.

We have entered a time machine. We have bounced around for what seems like only minutes but when we exit the machine we realize that we are VERY far away from home. The land looks different. People are dressed differently. People are speaking Greek and amazingly we understand them! We have landed in Ancient Greece.

= ancient_greece.jpg

What was invented in Ancient Greece? Make a list of the inventions. Which invention will you choose to become an expert in? Choose one. It may or may not be an invention that we use today. Ask a lot of questions about the invention that you choose so that you are well informed and able to share this invention with government officials.